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International Animal Rescue Goa was established as a charity (Registration No : 106/GOA/98) in March 1998. Its aim is to reduce the terrible suffering of the huge stray animal population in Goa. The priority at the time was to deal with the stray dog and cat population on the beaches of North Goa by sterilisation, but now the centre (named Animal Tracks) deals with many types of animals from domesticated pets to dangerous wild animals. Regular visitors to North Goa over the past decade will have noticed that many of the stray dogs have a blue IAR collar and a "clipped ear", which is a painless way of identifying that the dog has been sterilised and vaccinated against rabies by International Animal Rescue Goa. All dogs sterilised also have a unique number tattooed in their ear so their veterinary records can always be checked.

Since it began this vital work International Animal Rescue Goa has sterilised more than 43,000 animals, treated huge numbers of casualties and seen the work expand to encompass every form of animal life. Due to the successful way in which International Animal Rescue Goa has been able to address the issue of controlling the population of stray dogs by sterilisation, and as part of IAR Goa campaigning, in 1998 the Indian High Court made it illegal to shoot stray dogs.

We have a team of award winning vets that are dedicated to handling wild and domestic animals and an even larger team of vet nurses, ambulance drivers, trained animal handlers and administrators. In a short period of time we have made a major impact on the suffering of animals in North Goa, and with the help of volunteers and supporters we wish to expand our work even further in the coming months and years. When you are in Goa we would be delighted to show you around our centre so you can see for yourself the extent of the work we do.

Wherever one goes in North Goa you see dogs with clipped ears that shows the animal has been sterilised and vaccinated against rabies.

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